Wet toes, just do not feel right, when walking through the house.

The main protection from Mother Nature, is the roof. Whether its rain, sleet, snow or hail your roof needs to be 100% impenetrable. But sometimes these elements seem to find their way into your home or building. When this happens you need to call Adanco immediately.

If you find yourself stepping in a puddle as you walk through your house, then the damage has already begun. Water can cause structural damage to your building or home, by rotting the wood or drywall. Here in Atlanta, on account of the humidity and high heat, mold could be something much worse for your way of living as it can cause serious health issues.

So how can I spot the roof leak before it becomes a puddle in my house?

There are instances that a roof leak is just not obvious, as to where it is located. But a few things can be tell-tale signs.

Missing Shingles

A pattern difference on your roof can be a sign of a missing shingle. Everybody is not a roofer but when you find yourself saying "one of these things is not like the other" and you happen to be talking about your roof. Then there is a great chance that the missing shingle will cause a roof leak. This is a simple repair that if caught on time can save you more than just money.

Stains on drywall

If you seem to notice a dark, yellowish or brown stain on your drywall. Then this is always a good sign that there is water damage. Which most often is caused by a roof leak. Most often these stains appear in the corners and edges, where they are not as noticeable. So look-out for these little signs, because these are the ones that become serious issues.


Mold is a very obvious sign of a roof leak, which is often caused by a combination of water buildup and high heat. Although this is not always caused by a roof leak, there is still a good chance that you have one. We seem to notice this type of issue most around the walls and ceilings where there is insulation to absorb the water. But the insulation is not the only thing that can absorb water so just be on high alert when you spot mold. You could be risking your health and well-being.

Daylight in the attic

For those with access to the attic, a good sign of a roof leak is as simple as daylight. Look around pipes that go through the roof. If you can see daylight around the pipe then there is a good chance that you are in need of a new roof boot. The part of the roof boot that surrounds the pipe are most often made of rubber. This rubber is subject to dry-rot by the high heat and sun exposure in the summer and the expansion and contraction during the cold winter. So in Atlanta where both of these are always a for sure thing, expect your roof boots to eventually fail. It is usually a good idea to change out all of your boots on the same side of the roof at the same time. As these boots will have a similar lifespan. Adanco Services will offer you a package deal on the repair of all the roof boots, so ask us for the roof boot discount.

Water trails on wood

While in the attic another great sign are the water marks and trails left behind by the dripping water on the roof decking and rafters. These signs are often subtle but sometimes the color difference in the wood is very obvious. So brown or dark trails or spots in the wood are the evidence of an on-going roof leak.

These are just a few things that can save you more than just money. But we can assure you that following these simple tips, money, it will definitely save you.

Roof Leak Repair Service

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